Jackets from New Look

With London being hit by a flurry of snow over the weekend, you wouldn’t think that it’s getting nearer springtime. Nevertheless, it certainly is! And if there’s one thing springtime calls for, it’s a new jacket. Putting away those big winter coats and heading out to buy yourself a shiny new jacket-sized treat is an important step in the process of ushering in the year’s sunshine.

Some of my favourite contenders in the new jackets competition this year come from New Look. It would be really great if somebody could help me choose between the following…

Cream Tapestry Jacket, £29.99 from New Look here

Innocence Mink Embellished Jacket, £24.99 from New Look here

To make matters even worse, during my browsing I realised that New Look are having a ridiculous sale at the moment. They have everything from beautiful lingerie to flowery print dresses available for a fraction of their original price.

Which are your spring jacket contenders? Share them in the comments section below!