Beauty Corner: Aussie Miracle Shine

Any Persian will tell you that an Iranian (or half-Iranian in my case) has a certain temperament of hair. I am no exception to this rule; it can be really difficult to find products that give my thick curly locks the level of bounce and shine I’m looking for. Without a doubt, Aussie is a brand I can always rely on for exactly that, and every time they bring out a new range, I’m super excited to try it out!

The latest offering from the wondrous Aussie is their Miracle Shine collection, and it’s absolutely fab. Consisting of shampoo, conditioner and the landmark Aussie 3 minute miracle deep treatment, it’s my favourite try of 2013 so far.¬†Gorgeous Pearl powder and the irresistible scent of Australian ginseng extract as a combination works beautifully, leaving you smelling scrumptious and feeling completely pampered.

Buy your own Aussie Miracle Shine from all good supermarkets and chemists nationwide, or online via Prices start at just £3.99 for a 300ml bottle or £5.99 for a 500ml bottle. A worthy investment indeed!