Italy: Preganziol Day I

My latest adventure has begun. This time I’m off to Italy – near Treviso, home of the airport RyanAir claims to be Venice – to teach English to school children for two weeks. I’m also privileged enough to be staying with a local Italian family during my time away, so I’m hoping to come back with a mild command of the Italian language and, I really hope, a few kitchen tips from an Italian mum. The whole experience should be very fun!

I left Norwich yesterday after going out to some terrible clubs for my friend James’s birthday the night before. We drank and we danced, and as a result, the walk to Norwich train station in the summer heat was a bit of a struggle. A night out before the beginning of a working trip, in retrospect, is probably not recommended.

Anyway, I arrived in London early evening and caught up with a friend in Exmouth Market before heading over to another friend’s – my pal Pete, who’s an ace musician – for dinner, drinks and sleep. Amongst other characters, here I met a professional chef and an Estonian girl who makes amazing bespoke hats.

Photo courtesy of Georgios (and his old school disposable camera)

This morning, I flitted across to Earl’s Court, had lunch with the lovely Georgios and left a rainy London for Gatwick Airport.

Next stop Marco Polo Airport in Venice, and then onwards to the town of Preganziol…

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