France: Avignon Day 1

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This week I’m working in Avignon, a small city of just 80,000 people in the South of France. As I did in Italy last summer, I’m teaching English at a school for the week and going native by living with a host family here. I’m staying with them at their beautiful house in an idyllic outlying village. Although they speak French and are based here permanently, they’re originally Italian which is making for a lovely cultural mix.

After a twelve hour train journey split between Greater Anglia, Eurostar and TGV, I arrived yesterday evening and will be here until Saturday morning. It was a nice surprise to travel standard premier on the Eurostar segment of our journey and experience the cutest little French lunch ever, including a lush miniature bottle of vin rouge (photo to follow – I forgot my camera cable but there are some iPhone snaps below).

Today I headed out into the city to meet up with my teacher colleagues Matt and Johnny. We got together for some lunch and a bit of lesson planning at a cosy little place  called Ginette and Marcel which specialises in delicious tartines. I went for the mozzarella, tomato and pesto option and it was lush.


Afterwards, we had a wander around the brilliantly French and notably narrow city streets before exploring the Palais des Papes. The former fortress is one of Avignon’s main attractions and is a stunning yet rather imposing Medieval structure.


Then it was back to the house in time for a brief rest before dinner. Surprisingly, despite the busy atmosphere of a French-Italian home with three children under the age of 12, I’ve already managed to get a little work done on my dissertation – the final feat in my undergraduate adventures at university. I may have used my only chances up, however, as three curious little people becoming increasingly fascinated by everything I do. Oh, the inquisitiveness of children…

Wish me luck for the first day at school tomorrow! Updates soon.

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