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France: Avignon Day 1

This week I’m working in Avignon, a small city of just 80,000 people in the South of France. As I did in Italy last summer, I’m teaching English at a school for the week and going native by living with a host family here. I’m staying with them at their beautiful house in an idyllic outlying […]

Italy: A Day in Venice

During my recent stay in Italy, I took a trip into Venice with my host family for the day. Giovanna, host mum, spent a total of ten years studying fine art and architecture in Venice when she was younger, so I felt incredibly privileged to kick off my September with her personal tour of the […]

Italy: A Farewell Trip to Treviso

Friday evening marked my last night in Preganziol. After putting on our final show for parents and friends at the school, all of us teachers and our host families headed for dinner and drinks in the beautiful city of Treviso. It was an incredible way to end a truly amazing two weeks spent in Italy. […]

Italy: Preganziol Days V and VI

The heat begins to get to you a little when at least fifteen hot and thirsty children are in your care every hour. The days are long, but teaching is a welcome change from my sometimes painfully spontaneous existence back home. I’m finding that teaching English is reigniting my own interest in language-learning. The UK […]