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Foodie Round Up for January

In the post-Christmas haze of January life, it’s easy to succumb to those New Year blues, especially when it comes to food and drink. After such indulgence over Christmas, you’re stuck between disappointment and guilt, and actually, it’s enough to make your head spin if you think about it too much… Here are three of […]

Breakfast Perfection

Everybody’s familiar with that old proverb that mum used to come out with…”Breakfast: it’s the most important meal of the day!” It’s one that many a family member in the Razavi clan has offered throughout my life as justification for a little bit of overfeeding in the AM. However, years of grooming has done nothing for […]

March Beauty Madness Part I

Regular TOTR readers will know that each month we round up our favourite beauty products of the past four weeks for you to lust over and add to your wishlist. This month, assuming everybody is wanting to shop more and find lovely new things because the weather is so cold (I certainly do), we’re going […]

Film: 2 Days in New York

I’m a complete sucker for getting inspired by films and their locations. It was actually seeing a Julie Delpy movie when I was pretty young that made me first realise this. Oh yes, the gorgeous and unforgettable experience that was the 1995 independent hit Before Sunrise. I might say it served as one of my […]

Beauty Corner: February Round Up

The beginning of a new month can only mean one thing here at Take on the Road…it’s time for another Beauty Corner round up, and boy do I have some treats for you this month! Honey and Orange Face Wash – £4.95 from JooMo here Our first featured product this month is from the wonderful […]

Norwich Food: The Last Brasserie

A couple of weeks back, my friend Connie and I were stressed. Stressed beyond belief. We both had way too much work to do – too many essays to write, not enough time and no gut-desire to actually do it. Given what wayward souls we are, the obvious solution was a lovely dinner and drinks […]

Copenhagen’s coolest district…

During a bout of travel at the beginning of the summer (remember June with its sunny days?), I found myself at a loose end for a couple of days in Denmark’s capital, the gorgeous Copenhagen. It was my first time in the city and I went in blind, not planning anything and knowing only that […]

Recommended: Ogario London Hair Products

The lovely folks at Ogario London were kind enough to send me a few samples of their shampoo, conditioner and restoration hair masque before I left for Italy, and I’m happy to say that these served me well during my trip! It was quite a surprise as I’m actually pretty loyal to my regular brand, TRESemmé, […]