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2 Inspirational Travel Films You Must See

I watch a lot of films. I think telling stories on screen is one of the most engaging, astounding and beautiful ways to learn about something or find inspiration or experience the feeling of being understood. If it’s done well, of course. I can’t say I was that blown away by the legendary mess that […]

3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Kitchen Karma

The kitchen is the heart of any home, even if you live alone. The day begins here with a cup of coffee, and ends here with a glass of water to take to bed. Throughout the day, it’s where cooking and eating takes place – usually alongside casual chats with friends, family or flatmates. As […]

Moroccan inspired interior design

Any visit to the beautiful North African country of Morocco inspires those with an interest in interior design. This enchanted land of open deserts and majestic mountains has a rich past and distinctive culture stretching back thousands of years. Historically the Moroccan Berbers were famous for hospitality and if we look at the interiors of […]

Summer Holiday Inspiration

The sun is finally shining and everybody’s gossiping about their summertime plans. Of paramount concern, of course, is where you’re going on holiday this year. With so many options, you won’t be stuck for something to do, that’s for sure! Here are TOTR’s list of travelling suggestions for summer 2013… Go backpacking, hitchhiking and/or couchsurfing […]

Beautiful Bruges Part II

The infamous Mummy Razavi guides us around Bruges after our recent mother-daughter trip to the city. Over to you, Mummy Lynne, for part two of our adventure… Although walking tours are available at certain times on certain days, today, we decided to take ourselves around some of the monuments and shops selling lace and chocolate. […]

Beautiful Bruges Part I

The infamous Mummy Razavi guides us around Bruges after our recent mother-daughter trip to the city. Over to you, Mummy Lynne, for part one of our adventure… After a very pleasant journey on the Eurostar to Brussels Midi, we got on our connecting train to Bruges, viewing some spectacular countryside and local dwellings en route. Our […]

A Guide to Living Near Windermere

If you are planning to live near Windermere, or if you already reside there, here is a quick guide to the many beautiful areas and attractions to visit within the region. It is a very popular destination for a holiday and millions of visitors flock to Cumbria every year to enjoy the Lake District. In […]

Subletting: How to Make the Most Out of Your Holiday Home

The benefits of owning a holiday home offer so much to the happy holidaymaker. Relaxing in the beautiful countryside next to your holiday lodge, takes you away from the hustle and bustle of staying in cramped hotels in city centres. Why not pass those benefits on to the thousands of holidaymakers in the UK, looking […]

5 Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Holiday

We all deserve a break each year and it doesn’t have to involve a very expensive holiday. You and the family can enjoy a break from the tumbles of day-to-day life, and on a budget that brings an unforgettable holiday for everyone. It is important to head off for the sun and recharge your batteries […]

Top 10 home makeover tips

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply want to provide your property with a facelift this spring, a home makeover is a relatively easy way of sprucing things up. However, with so many areas to tackle and so many rooms to combat, how can you put your time and budget to best use? […]

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