Inspiration on the streets of London

London night city view skyscrapers
Image: Barnzy via Flickr

There’s something innately inspirational about the feel of a big city. Whether you’re in Kuala Lumpur, New York, Tokyo or Paris, the streets feel full of possibility and opportunity. However lovely your surroundings may be, you just don’t experience that same vibe when you’re wandering the streets of a small town or hiking through fields in the countryside.

As a traveller’s destination, London is definitely a city that delivers on those feelings of possibility and opportunity. There’s always some new event or festival going on, and the number of creative types you come across in any one of the British capital’s pubs or cafes is enough to make you believe in art all over again.

If you’re a tourist exploring with fresh eyes, the feelings the city garners are even more powerful. In the Starwood Preferred Guest video below, traveller Quinn showcases some of London’s best offerings: great architecture, delicious food, street performance and sophisticated fashion. Not to mention the monuments, yoga and nightlife.

Take a glimpse at his London adventures below.

And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite for a visit to the capital, there’s still plenty more to tempt you. London is a global city that has something for everyone, whatever your interests may be.