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Four common hair myths debunked

Everyone knows they’re supposed to get their hair cut regularly and that washing your hair too often can end up damaging it, but what if I told you that everything you know about hair care is wrong? Well, maybe not all of it, but a considerable amount! There are quite a few hair myths that […]

Beauty Corner: Aussie Miracle Shine

Any Persian will tell you that an Iranian (or half-Iranian in my case) has a certain temperament of hair. I am no exception to this rule; it can be really difficult to find products that give my thick curly locks the level of bounce and shine I’m looking for. Without a doubt, Aussie is a […]

Beauty Corner: Mashooq – The Magic Oil

You might have already noticed that we have a bit of a thing for natural beauty products here at Take on the Road…and for good reason. Why wouldn’t you want your body nourished with something deliciously organic and ethical?! Right?! Today’s featured post is about the wondrous Mashooq haircare brand. Known as ‘The Magic Oil’ […]

Recommended: Ogario London Hair Products

The lovely folks at Ogario London were kind enough to send me a few samples of their shampoo, conditioner and restoration hair masque before I left for Italy, and I’m happy to say that these served me well during my trip! It was quite a surprise as I’m actually pretty loyal to my regular brand, TRESemmé, […]