Boots of Spanish Leather

If you were expecting a post about a new pair of shoes, I’m sorry to disappoint you folks. That title is a reference to the Bob Dylan tune ‘Boots of Spanish Leather’. Listen to it below while you read on, it’s gorgeous.

Now then, why are you posting about this song, I hear you ask?

Well, tomorrow I’ll be jetting off to Barcelona for a few days with my lovely daddy. We haven’t properly travelled just the two of us in a while – I think our last trip was to Edinburgh all the way back in 2009. We got snowed in on our last night there and the airline paid for us to stay in a swanky hotel with a ceiling shower bigger than my head. We do like an adventure.

Anyway, despite all my travelling antics so far, I’ve never actually made it to Spain, which makes me even more excited about this trip. We’re flying cheap but staying in a nice hotel. If there are two things my dad and I enjoy, it’s food and wine. From what others have told me, Barcelona has both of these things in high quality and vast quantity. Perfect.

I can’t wait – I better just make sure I pronounce ‘chorizo’ right. Om nom nom.

Spanish Chorizo