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Canary Tourism | UK BLOG

Hot for 2014: The Canary Islands   When British wintertime comes, island hopping somewhere warm and beautiful is the stuff office daydreams are made of. While consider up in thermal jumpers and patterned bed socks, I've been gazing off into the distance and thinking about the Canary Islands, which have quickly jumped to the top of my […]

Travel Wishlist: Chile

I've been hearing a huge amount about South America recently, particularly since starting my writing MA. There are a good few characters from the United States enrolled on the course, and between them they've travelled extensively around the continent. I've not had the chance to visit even one South American country yet, but with each […]

2 Inspirational Travel Films You Must See

I watch a lot of films. I think telling stories on screen is one of the most engaging, astounding and beautiful ways to learn about something or find inspiration or experience the feeling of being understood. If it’s done well, of course. I can’t say I was that blown away by the legendary mess that […]

Movement, Changes and Madness

It’s been a crazy few months of movement and changes and madness. Since May, I’ve found myself in Morocco, Poland, Italy, France, Scotland, Wales and a few different places in England. Two more trips to go and I’ll be settling down for a little while. The intense travelling from nation to nation has been an […]

Instagram Diary: Teaching in Liguria, Italy

I’ve spent the last three weeks teaching in Liguria, Italy. The first two weeks were spent in a town called Savona and now I’m half-way through a two week stay in a smaller town called Cogoleto. Here’s a brief Instagram diary from the last few weeks… The teaching team in Savona Rosie and I with […]

Discovering the delights of dining in Dallas

In food terms, Texas is undeniably associated with steak houses, barbecues and Tex Mex fare; however, smart folks are discovering there’s a lot more to dining out in Dallas than they first thought. In fact, not only is Dallas the home of some fashionable seafood restaurants but there are also bistros specializing in dishes from […]

Family trips to Las Vegas

If there is one city that has become a huge holiday spot for a number of reasons it would be Las Vegas. It doesn’t matter what kind of group you are in whether a family or a group of friends there is something that will keep anyone entertained. All over the city there are sights […]

Summer Holiday Inspiration

The sun is finally shining and everybody’s gossiping about their summertime plans. Of paramount concern, of course, is where you’re going on holiday this year. With so many options, you won’t be stuck for something to do, that’s for sure! Here are TOTR’s list of travelling suggestions for summer 2013… Go backpacking, hitchhiking and/or couchsurfing […]

Morocco Part IV: Traditional Relaxation

The next morning, we wake up early and eat a big breakfast of dates, olives, flat breads and cheese. We’ve just about finished when a sandstorm begins to whip up around us. The Berber gentlemen who look after the camp wrap their headscarves tight around themselves and carry on about their day. We say goodbye […]

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