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Foodie Round Up for January

In the post-Christmas haze of January life, it’s easy to succumb to those New Year blues, especially when it comes to food and drink. After such indulgence over Christmas, you’re stuck between disappointment and guilt, and actually, it’s enough to make your head spin if you think about it too much… Here are three of […]

The Benefits of an Oil-Free Facial Exfoliator

While cleansing your skin is beneficial, using a refining cleanser, preferably an oil free facial exfoliator, will not only remove makeup, dirt and grime but also exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells, bringing new life to your once dull complexion, and reduce the signs of aging, leaving you with visibly healthier looking, vibrant skin. […]

Travel Wishlist: Chile

I've been hearing a huge amount about South America recently, particularly since starting my writing MA. There are a good few characters from the United States enrolled on the course, and between them they've travelled extensively around the continent. I've not had the chance to visit even one South American country yet, but with each […]

2 Inspirational Travel Films You Must See

I watch a lot of films. I think telling stories on screen is one of the most engaging, astounding and beautiful ways to learn about something or find inspiration or experience the feeling of being understood. If it’s done well, of course. I can’t say I was that blown away by the legendary mess that […]

Om Nom Nom: Liberation Nuts

Socially conscious and forward-thinking company Liberation Foods launched a new range of nuts last month. Fairtrade and farmer-owned, Liberation Nuts are aptly named and absolutely delicious. True to the ethos of the company, all nuts are sourced from co-operatives of small-scale growers and farmers, all of whom own a 44% share of the company. Peanuts […]

3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Kitchen Karma

The kitchen is the heart of any home, even if you live alone. The day begins here with a cup of coffee, and ends here with a glass of water to take to bed. Throughout the day, it’s where cooking and eating takes place – usually alongside casual chats with friends, family or flatmates. As […]

Movement, Changes and Madness

It’s been a crazy few months of movement and changes and madness. Since May, I’ve found myself in Morocco, Poland, Italy, France, Scotland, Wales and a few different places in England. Two more trips to go and I’ll be settling down for a little while. The intense travelling from nation to nation has been an […]

Cosmetics: New Ranges from Sure

Sure are one of my favourite beauty brands – they always seem to have the right product for the right occasion, and news of something new from them hitting the shelves is always an exciting prospect. The latest is a double whammy, offering new options for both men and women. Ladies, you’ll just love Sure […]

This Business of Cars

My dad works in the motoring industry. Since I was very young, I’ve had an awareness and appreciation of cars because of his influence. A summer Sunday without the sound of F1 booming in the background is an unnatural concept. The idea of not having a car in our family is and has historically been […]

Men’s Beauty Special: Lynx Deep Space

A divergence away from the confines of our regular features and topics today brings us to the following: a wholehearted recommendation for our male readers! Lynx is a historic brand and undeniably a market leader in men’s beauty. Impressively, the Lynx family is celebrating a formidable 18 years of its Africa range this year, clearly […]

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